Business Listing and Job Posting Instructions

Managing your Business Listing

You likely got an email from the MHHP website ( about your new login information. This email contains a link to confirm your access and set your password.  Please click on the link and set your password. Please store it in a safe location.

Once you have set your password and logged in (Login Here), navigate to your listing in the “Membership Directory“.

On the top of your listing you will see a red “Edit” link. Click on this link and update the available fields.

Please review your listing for the following:
  • Update your business information if needed.
  • Check your contact information – Phone and Website. We do not show email addresses because they are too easy for robots to skim.
  • Add up to 3 images – You can also delete images for replacement
  • If you have a member to member deal, place the deal in that field.

If you need to post a job listing, please follow the instructions on the right side of this page.

Once complete click the on the “Save Draft” button. Saving the listing as draft allows for MHHP review prior to publication. All information posted must meet the MHHP Terms of Use and may be edited prior to publication.

Let us know if you have trouble. Request assistance using the form below.

Creating a Job Posting for your Business

Prior to being able to create a job posting on this website, you must first have an active Chamber Membership and have access to edit your business listing. If you do not have this access, we suggest using the form below to request access. Once you have access to your business listing you will be able to post job openings on this website.

Follow these instructions to Post a Job Opening:

Login to the MHHP Website

Once logged the “Membership Directory” link in the main navigation now has two (2) additional menu options in the drop down menu.  “Post a Job” and “Job Dashboard”

To create a listing, click on “Post a Job” and simply fill out the available form sections for the Job. Once completed, you can then click on “Save Draft”

You are saving as a draft because MHHP needs ensure the job postings do not violate our terms of use. We get a notification email of the new draft listing to review.

Once approved, you will get an email from the website notifying you as such.

All information posted must meet the MHHP Terms of Use and may be edited prior to publication.

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